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Hatter's Church Organs is a St. Louis based organ company that has introduced a new level of technology and time-honored organ building to the industry. Our company is on the front-lines as product developers for the most advanced organ technology in the world. Our purpose goes beyond keeping organs in operation but to preserve and promote the use of the organ as the primary source of congregational worship and liturgy, whether pipe, digital or both.

Founded as a service company and operated by a team of experienced pipe and digital organ technicians, musicians, and audio engineers, we have reverse-engineered our business around the unique music ministry visions, worship needs, budgets, and priorities of any church. Unlike many cookie-cutter, one person sales outfits, we offer much more than off-the-shelf organs. We work with multiple vendors which gives us the ability to put together the perfect project for your particular needs. Our experience comes from almost 20 years of day-in and day-out service work. You will find our team carrying tools, not sales literature. We have performed hundreds of installations across the US, spanning from cozy country chapels to five and six manual organs in professional sports arenas. Installations, renovations, and tunings are not theory for us, it's what we do.  

At the heart of our company is our love of God’s people. Unlike when deciding on an air-conditioning system or a roof, most committees simply do not understand the organ which makes it hard to know where to start when work is needed. Also, for every thousand electricians, there is one organ company. We take time equipping church committees with knowledge of modern organ building practices so when the organ needs attention, the church doesn't make costly mistakes from lack of knowledge. With our experience and access to multiple vendors, we encompass the entire spectrum of pipe, digital, and hybrid instruments. We can act solely as a consultant, or perform all the work. We have been able to help many churches improve their music ministries and are prepared to guide you through your decision-making process for yours. 

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23(NIV)

From Subarctic to Subtropical

We have hundreds of pipe organ rebuilds, digital installations, and pipe/digital combinations under our belt. Our work can be found from Florida to Alaska and include the St. Olaf College, The United States Naval Academy, The Library of Congress, Baylor University, and many others. 

Church Organ Pipe Repairing & Installation

Our Difference

What sets us apart is that we have been the backbone for the success to many other organ companies around the country. We have been contracted by those companies to oversee installations and even train their crews in the art of organ work, aiding in their success. 

Through this, we have gained an incredible plethora of experience in all philosophies of organ building and gives us unparalleled credibility and trustworthiness in the church organ industry as the go-to people when expertise is demanded. We humbly realize our value to the marketplace and are excited to work directly with you. 

Pipes, Digital, or Both — It's Your Choice

  • We have a thorough understanding of both ends of the spectrum in the church organ world - speaking pipes and world-class digital voices. We hold in high regard the prestige of a pipe organ, but appreciate the accessibility and options digital technology has created.
  • We believe our role is to discover and assist the church in their specific music ministry vision. Some churches have the space, desire, and resources to purchase and maintain a pipe organ. Many feel like a digital instrument meets their worship needs.
  • We stand at the epicenter of modern organ building, so where our company shines is with our most requested service: to update and enhance existing pipe organs to digital hybrids. This respectfully preserves the pipe organ and overcomes musical deficiencies at the same time.
  • This is what we are best known for, and here’s why: For many many reasons, not every digital organ can be made to mate well with pipes. As experienced pipe organ tuners and voicers, we are ultra sensitive how realistic a digital voice should sound. It takes a lot more than the ability to connect speakers to make a pipe-digital combination successful.

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We have expertise in virtually all systems, so we know what works and what doesn't.  We only offer solutions using the absolute best-proven technology available. We have made it our goal to be trained and affluent with technology from last century, and today's century advancements to provide you with the entire expanse of possibilities.

Solution Oriented

It is our thorough understanding of all available organ technologies that allows us to provide solutions for any vision, at any church, with any budget. We help can help those looking for pipe organ service, electronic organ service, total organ renovation, custom rebuilds, digital augmentation, new and used organs, stand-alone digital instruments, and more.

Insurance and Loss claims

Through the years we have worked with insurance companies and restoration services to provide second opinions and repair/renovation services for flood, leaky roofs, fire, vandalism, vermin, and lightning. If your firm is in need of assistance, we are experienced in these fields and can provide assistance for consulting repairs, or total replacement from beginning to end. 

Contact Us

If you're looking for a team of experts that understand all facets of classic and modern organ building then look no further than Hatter's Church Organs. You can contact us at 618-708-3650, or message us today to learn more about how we can help you and your church with any and all of your organ repair needs.